The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office is big business.  The county commissioners will write a check to the sheriff for over $10.5 million dollars each year for the next four years.  The sheriff will spend over $42 million taxpayer dollars during his term in office.

Ronnie Kilgo will keep politics out of the sheriff’s office. As Sheriff, Ronnie will spend the $42 million dollars protecting the people of Floyd County.

Ronnie’s Promise to the People of Floyd County:

  • Serve others, not himself
  • Use resources efficiently and economically
  • Treat all people fairly
  • Use the power of Sheriff for the well-being of the people
  • Create an environment of honesty, openness, and integrity




Ensuring the safety of our children should be the number one priority.  It is troubling that all of our public schools do not have a full time officer assigned to safeguard them.

Sheriff Ronnie Kilgo will work with the city and county police to make sure there is a resource officer assigned to every public school on day 1.  I will use every resource available to protect our children.

Ronnie Kilgo will increase the number and make sure the metro task force is fully staffed to combat the growing issues of drugs.  Stopping the spread of life-destroying drugs should be the focus.

Ronnie Kilgo will provide:

  • An officer in every school
  • More narcotic officers:
  • Allocation of more resources to protect our children



With our traditional values under constant attack, it’s time we elect leaders who are willing to fight for our freedoms.

Ronnie Kilgo strongly supports the Free Exercise Protection Act passed by the Georgia Legislature, and will stand against any efforts to force residents of Rome/Floyd County to act against their religious beliefs.

As your Sheriff, Ronnie will ensure that the right of Rome/Floyd County citizens to arm and defend themselves is not infringed upon in any way, shape, or form.

  • Uphold the Constitution
  • In God We Trust
  • Protect Your Rights



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